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Our Exclusive NFT's

The Evolution of Digital Assets that Represent Real-world Objectives. Check out our Latest Music and Art NFT's


NFT's provide unique and clear proof of ownership and authorship by the artist, since the minting artist is always listed as the original owner of the digital artwork linked to the NFT.


The blockchain makes up for a secure way to prove ownership. Giving content creators to have all elements of their musical works captured on a unified system.

Community Focused

Our noble mission is to support those in our community who are homeless, under-housed and in need of financial assistance by donating a percentage of each transaction to a variety of local charities.

Featured NFT

The "Blackgood" NFT instrumental is the first beat to be showcased from the Dremind collection. Check out his full collection.

NFT Beats


In the simplest terms, NFTs transform digital works of art and other collectibles into one-of-a-kind, verifiable assets that are easy to trade on the blockchain. NFTs are unique digital assets that can be bought and sold just like any other items, but they have no physical form. You might think of these digital tokens as certificates of ownership for such assets – almost like an autograph which proves authenticity.

There are some obvious advantages to investing in NFTs, which might tempt you to invest.

A growth in value – this is the prime reason for investment. As Investortrend points out, “The reason most NFTs appreciate in value is because the NFTs are used in blockchain games and the games become more popular.” A good example of this is CryptoKitties, a blockchain game allowing players to create their own virtual cats. The cats are tokenized as NFTs, and some of these NFT cats considerably grow in value as the game becomes increasingly popular.

An obvious surge in the NFT market -As mentioned earlier, the NFT market continues to grow. It’s looking likely that blockchain games will continue to grow in popularity and this, as we know, is where NFTs play a critical role.

Owning something unique – NFTs are unique in their nature, and there’s something special about owning a piece of art that is like no other. This of course ties into the above mentioned benefit of profitability. That in itself makes your investment more interesting.

TrueBread is a NFT marketplace showcasing local talent by connecting their artistry to the blockchain.

Truebread is a great opportunity to earn passive income while supporting local artist and producers simultaneously. TrueBread being a hyper-inflation token will distribute 5% tax back to all holders with another 5% burnt forever with every transaction. AS THE CIRCULATING SUPPLY DECREASES, THE SCARCITY OF THE TOKEN INCREASES. THIS INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL RELATIONSHIP CONSTITUTES A SUPPLY AND DEMAND MODEL. FURTHERMORE, THERE IS NO LIMIT AS TO HOW MANY TOKENS CAN BE BURNT.

$TrueBRD Now runs on the Polygon Chain!

Support the movement by purchasing the TrueBread ($TrueBRD) Token on PancakeSwap.

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